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About Us

It’s I, Berit Sjøholt  and my husbond Jan Arne Sjøholt who is behind the Kennel prefix Arfenco. The Kennel name is a mix of names from dogs we have owned during our life; Ariella (rough collie), Fenja and Disco (both lowchens). We live with our dogs in a beautiful part of Norway, Sand. It is a small place between Stavanger and Haugesund, in western coast of Norway. We breed lowchens in a small scale and our focus is good health and quality of our dogs. All of he dogs live as fully family members together with us in the house. If you consider to get a dog like this or just want to hear and learn more about the breed you are welcome to contact us by phone or e-mail.

We love going on dogshows, both for showing dogs, meeting friends and sometimes just to look. I think it is just as important to make time to look at dog and dog shows,  as it is to show dogs ourselves. You learn a lot about dogs and dog breeds just by looking at the variety of dogs. Once a week we go to show training in our lokal dog club, about 45 minutes from where we live, with the best doggy-friends ever! Thank you,members of «Team Labbetuss» for the wonderful company and friendship.

I have attended some courses held by NKK (the Norwegian Kennel Klub), two about breeding, «Oppdretterskolen 1 and 2, (breeder school 1 and 2) one about Kynologi, and some handler courses held by proffesional handlers. I am also an authorisized ring steward.

The people

Berit Sjøholt
Jan Arne Sjøholt
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