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25. September 2018

September 2018
September 2018

Lots of things has happened during 2018.

Our dogs have done well in the show ring, and gained some new champion titles. 

We have also gotten som new members in our family - look under Dogs.

10. October 2017
10 October 2017

Our homepage has got a new look, thanks to Stine Valskår for the help building and making the layout. 

There will be some time until we have redirected what we want from the old page, but it will come.

What a lovely year this has been.


We have had lot’s of luck in the ring, and the year ended super With Our little Princess Arfenco’s Devil Wears Prada having a litter of 3 male puppies. Proud father is Se uch Un Grande Ami De La Maison Dominique (owner Sonja Bjørklund), I’m so happy for these boys. They were born 27. november 2016.

One has already moved out, and is to live in Bergen together With a little lowchen girl, new owners are Siv and Jonathan.


I wish you the best of luck With Arfenco’s Felix Felicis – or Mio as he Will be called.

Hope this little guy Will bring you lot’s of fun for you.

Next week, Arfenco’s Fabius Maximus, Ferdinand, is leaving to join a Family in Vennesla. I think he Will be spoiled alot, just like a little guy is supposed to.

The last one, Arfenco’s Ferrero Rocher, Ferro, is still available if right home comes up.

February 2nd 2017

February 2017
February 2017
Week 28 Holiday 2017

Today our D-litter is celebrating their 2years birthday. Big big Congrats to Arfenco’s Dansing Queen Kirsea and Arfenco’s Devil Wears Prada.

We have been on the road for 9 days. First we went to Twååker dogshow, , no results to brag about, but very Nice critiques.


Fridag we showed Kevin, Disco and Halo. Kevin got excellent, Disco got excellent, CK and bhk2, Halo excellent, CK and bb4.


Saturday we showed Disco and Prada. Disco got 2bhk this day too, and Prada got excellent, CK but no placement in a quality bb class of 7.

We had nice company of Marina, Svetlana, Victoria, Johan and Camilla.


Then we went to one of our favorite places for Holliday, Øland and Eriksöre Camping. This is a paradise for dog owners, and both two- and four legged have enjoyed it.

July 14th 2016

Week 28 Holiday 2017
Week 27

We are getting ready for summer Holliday. Kevin and Prada have been bathed. They sure are growing up.

We are over the moon. Great new from Finland came yesterday. Arfenco’s Elle Woods, Essie, (owner Anne Eklund) gained her first CAC, and became BOS at Karjaa dogshow.

Thank you so much for loving, caring and showing this little princess.

Also our lovely Halo got her final CACIB in Vejen Denmark 12.06.2016, and she can add a new title to her name. She is now C.I.B. No Se Dk Nordic champion. We are so proud! Thank you May (kennel May-Song) for sharing this lovely girl with us.

July 4th 2016

Week 27
Week 25

It’s Monday 20. june, and last week of this School year. Friday we get summer vaccation. Have to say I really look forward to it. We haven’t got the biggest plans for this summer, but a trip or two to Sweden, some time in Stavanger visiting Our daugther, son in Law and grandchild. Hopefully some shows too, and after 14. July «Prada» is finnaly old enough to become champion. She is so Lucky, and will become Norwegian, Swedish and Danish champion at the same time.

We also hope that she will come in season during summer, and plans are done for mating. This will be a litter we have high expectations for. More information will come during summer. But if you are interested in a lowchen puppy, feel free to contact me.

June 20th 2016

Week 25
Health updates

We are proud to announce that Arfenco’s Devil Wears Prada is tested 0/0 for patellaluksation june 14.2016.


She will have her eyes tested later in june.

If everything is ok, we have plans for puppies later this summer/Autumn.

June 17th 2016

Vejen june 2016

We have been to Vejen International Dogshow, and Our dogs made us proud.

Saturday jugde Bo Skalin: Belgross Jochemm Van Kelly got excellent, he was too big for the jugde. Arfenco’s Devil Wears Prada got Very Good, but our lovely May-Song Habetis Bona Deum «saved» the day becoming BOS With her final CAC and CACIB and New Danish Champion and also Nordic Champion.

Sunday jugde : Uschi Eisner: Our Grand Old Man, May-Song Delineavit became BOS and BOB veteran, May-Song Habetis Bona Deum BOB With CACIB and Arfenco’s Devil Wears Prada 2BB With CAC. Both Disco (May-Song Delineavit) and Halo (May-Song Habetis Bona Deum) were qulified to Crufts!!! We are happy and proud.


Thank you so much May C. Bø (kennel May-Song) for sharing Disco and Halo With us! Have to say it was not easy to handle Disco today, as Halo was on top in her season…. Well done Jan Arne!

June 17th 2016

Updates show

It has been a while since we have updated Our page now. That’s because we have had som differences With the page, and it has been hacked several times. Hopefully have we now found a sollution to avoid this in the future, and we can start updating the page again.

It is Natural to start With updates from the show ring, as that is mostly what has happened from november up until now.

13.02.16: National show Etne, jugde breed spesialist Jari Partanen:

May-Song Habetis Bona Deum got BOB.

Belgross Jochem Van Kelly got BOS and his final CC after turning 2 year, and became Norwegian Champion, and as he had a CC from Sweden last summer, he also became Swedish Champion.

Arfenco’s Emma Watson (owner Svanhild and Tuva Skålheim) got «bb2» and her first CAC.

Arfenco’s Devil Wears Prada got «bb3» and CC.

Thank you so much for thinking so higly of Our dogs, Jari :)

May 20th 2016

Summer vacation 2015

We have been on a road trip this summer for almost 4 weeks, and we have had a lovely time.

We started straight after finished work on Friday 19. June, leaving for Oslo/Gardermoen where our puppy Arfenco’s Elle Woods was going to her New Family,  Anne Eklund from Finland. Anne and her daughter Jenni came to Gardermoen to pick her up. I know she will be taken good care of by Anne and her Family, wish you all best of luck.

From Gardermoen we went to Alvdal, visiting Our good friend Bodil Bråten. We had a nice time there, with great hospitality. Thank you Bodil, for lovely days.

From Bodø Our trip went «home» to Bodø, the city of the midnight-sun. We spent some really lovely days together with Family and friends. We were on a double dog show, With not the best results, but Company was Nice, both on lowchen-side and friends.

Leaving Bodø we went to Trondheim, and the NKK International show. Saturday I was working as ringsteward, and had a lovely day. Jan Arne showed «Prada», and did well… She was awarded BOB.

In Trondheim we met Hjørdis and Arthur, Kennel Molineux Pudles (we og to ringtraining together in Our local Club) and while talking we found out that we all where going to Sweden, Tvååker to the same dogshows following weekend. In Tvååker we had a Nice time together, With good Food, wine, talks and very Nice results at dogshow. Saturday Our lovely girl Prada got her Swedish CAC from juniorclass and BOB, Kevin (Belgross Jochem Van Kelly) got excellent but no CC. Hjørdis showed her pudle juniorbitch , and also won CAC and BB2, which is pretty good in big competition…. Sunday was even better, Prada got once again BOB and CC and Kevin got BOS and got his Swedish CC, Hjørdis and «Vesla» got same results this day too, CAC and BB2.

After this show, we set Our nouses toward Norway. We went to «Bø», and while staying there, Our good friends from Bodø said they would join us for two days there.. That was very Nice, Tone and Mads.. And we had a lovely time together, With good Food, drink and talks.. Thank you for making this trip to see us!

March 9th 2016

Norwegian Spesiality show 2015

What a fantastic weekend.


We have been to Norwegian lowchen spesiality show 2015. And we did well!!!


Our lovely girl, Arfenco’s Dewil Wears Prada got BIS Junior, BIS 4,

(and was selected to compete for Best Coat and Best Movement),

her lovely sister WON prize for Best Head and Expression,


Our gorgeous boy, Belgross Jochem Van Kelly WON Best Coat.

We also showed generation class With no less than 4 generations…..


Thank you May and Jari for this. It was really a Nice day.

June 9th 2015

National show Orre

Another great weekend.


We have been to National Show at Orre. I have been working as ringsteward this week too.

I’m so happy Jan Arne does such a great job showing Our dogs.

Saturday, jugde Jurate Butkiene: Arfenco’s Devil Wears Prada got Exc, ck, CAC, 1BB, BOB and her sister Arfenco’s Dancing Queen Kirsea got BB2 With res.Cac

Sunday, jugde Tijana Konrad: Belgross Jochem Van Kelly Exc, ck, 1BMK, BOB. Arfenco’s Devil Wears Prada first time out in juniorclass got Exc, Ck, res.Cac and BB2, behind her sibling Arfenco’s Dancing Queen Kirsea who gained her first CAC.

June 4th 2015

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